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Activities of CEEE

1. Capacity building in environmental management /climate change

  • Conduct trainings for line departments (Dept of Agriculture,Animal Husbandry,Fisheries, Pollution Control Board, Health and Family welfare, Local Bodies).
  • Offer Masters programme in Environmental Economics
  • Offer Certificate programme in Environmental Economics to practitioners/policy makers/planners
  • Conduct short training programmes/workshops/seminars in the area of environmental management

2. Conducting research for policy  prescriptions for  environmental management

  • Undertake valuation studies and impact studies to aid in Environmental Impact  Assessment exercises/policy support Conduct Baseline survey to document the current status of environmental resources

 3. Outreach programmes in Environmental management

  • Facilitating local bodies in environmental management
  • Demonstrating models of local level management options through ecoclubs, or  bhoomithra  clubs

4. Consultancy Services

  • Conducting field studies
  • Suggesting policy instruments
  • Base line data support for EIA and conducting  EIA

5. Data base management in environment sector

6. Knowledge dissemination

  •      Working papers/occasional papers
  •      Mass media programmes
  •      Collaborative activities


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Centre of Excellence in Environmental Economics
Kerala Agricultural University
Department of Agricultural Economics
College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara
Thrissur Kerala 680656