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Areas of Research

Water Resources

  • Qualitative dimensions of water resources and value of externalities
  • Evaluation and impact assessment of  water related projects(Irrigation/watershed development)
  • Groundwater depletion and economics of groundwater recharge.
  • Social cost benefit analysis  of  soil nutrient management.
  •  Water scarcity, Adaptive strategies,  social behavior and   Water markets
  •  Water use efficiency and sustainability across methods of extraction, irrigation, property rights and use.
  • River systems and water sharing

Land Resources

  • Property rights ,land productivity and  land markets
  • Social cost benefit analysis of development alternatives and land use changes
  • Agrarian and other institutional reforms and their impact on land management, valuation and markets.
  • Economics of soil and water conservation in different property regimes to land.
  • Economic approaches to encroachment, depletion and conservation of CPRs.

 Air Quality monitoring and air pollution levels

  • Economic costs of pollution

Agricultural Systems

  • Farming systems and environmental quality impacts
  • Agricultural trade and quality concerns
  • Food safety and standards regulations and agricultural production systems
  • Economic impact of natural resource intensive agriculture on environment, trade, other natural resources.
  • Agrochemicals and environmental quality
  • Economics of sustainable agriculture methods (organic farming, traditional and indigenous agricultural technologies, systems, practices).
  • Economic analysis of energy issues in agriculture.
  • Environmental impact of agricultural waste, reuse and recycling.


  • Conservation Vs Production forestry
  • Economic analysis of forest plantations and agroforestry systems.
  • Forest policies in the context of sustainability, tribal security.
  • Valuation of biodiversity, forest products, services in westren ghats and other fragile regions.
  • Social-cost benefit analysis of developmental projects on forest ecosystem.
  • Ecotourism
  • Mangroves,sacred groves and homegardens

Fishery  resources

  • Marine and inland fisheries management and optimal extraction.
  • Poverty environment nexus among fishermen population
  • Environmental regulations(coastal Zone regulation) and fishermen livelihhoods

Livestock resources

  • Interlinkages of agriculture livestock economy
  • Traditional breeds ,genetic conservation and policy approaches
  • Food safety and quality concerns
  • Climate change impacts on and from livestock sector

Mineral wealth

  • Mineral extraction and development alternatives
  • Environmental and livelihood impacts of mineral extraction

Climate Change

  • Economic  Impact of climate change on primary sectors 
  • Climate  change, vulnerability and adaptive strategies
  • Policy prescriptions for climate management

Waste management

  • Waste management in urban and rural settings
  • Social attitude and WTP for waste management
  • Role of LSGs in waste management


  • Policy interventions and institution building for NRs conservation and environment management.
  • Contribution of gender in natural resource conservation and management and other gender issues in resource conservation.
  • Market and non market based instruments in environmental management

This is not an exhaustive list, but a broad indicative one to mention some potential researchable areas.



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Centre of Excellence in Environmental Economics
Kerala Agricultural University
Department of Agricultural Economics
College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara
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